Who We Are


Founded in 2002, Tutto Theatre Company set out to elevate cross-disciplinary communication in the Austin artistic community. In 2008, we fused to our original purpose the artistic ambition to enhance the expanding arts community in Austin imaginatively. Imagination is the engine of the impossible, and ours is an Impossible Theatre. Embracing the theatre—a realm where impossibilities interpenetrate—we access the deeper meaning which lies beneath human experience. We create a space to carve into the unexpected, to dissect its viscera, and to lay bare its provocative sinews in ever more impossible ways. Ours is a theatre of dreams and of fantasies, of memory and of nostalgia, of desire and of disorientation, of imagination and of contradiction, an arena where the mundane grapples with the sublime. Thus, we commit tutto (everything) to the exploration of new forms and of new works which inscribe their fearful symmetries and incalculable geometries within our hearts, minds, and bodies.

We feel a profound responsibility both to new and timeless theatre. Our work, therefore, consists in: (1) producing high-quality experiences both small and large; (2) developing new work and providing opportunities for up-and-coming playwrights to have their work produced; and (3) helping our community to nurture its place as a world-class arts destination, providing local educational opportunities, and bringing artists from around the world to develop their work in our city. Thus we defy the grim reality of theatre making in the 21st century, declaring: Everything is possible in this our Impossible Theatre!

Most importantly, we want to encourage a dialogue with our audiences. They will always be the most important part of what we do. We hope to develop into something vital for our community, and we invite you to join us.


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