FIVE                    AUTHOR BIO
written & directed by Dustin Wills

Produced in collaboration with The English Theatre of Rome

21 – 30 July 2009
Tuesday – Thursday 8:00 p.m.

Teatro L'Arciliuto, Piazza Montevecchio in Rome, Italy

Featuring: Keri Boyd, Amy Briggs, Chase Crossno, Sofia Ruiz, and Emily Tindall.

A voyage of desire, instinct, commitment, and risk...not only for the characters in the play, but for the women who dare to embody them and the audience who comes along. Making use of all of the space inside the English Theatre, the experience is of visiting a house—intensified by hearing background noise of what is going on in the other rooms. We visit character’s bedrooms and even the theatre’s own kitchen. Each character is trapped by some kind of tie to their room with some managing to finally leave their room and others not. All are in some way linked to another character, either directly (through a voyeuristic obsession) or indirectly (by opening another person’s post). Family relationships, sexuality and madness are reoccurring themes. What all the characters have in common is wanting something they cannot have.

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REVIEW in The Roman Forum