by Jean Giraudoux


Josie Collier (Director) is finishing up a busy year. In addition to Ondine, Josie directed Ugly Maria and Sonata Blue for us this season. Before becoming entwined in Coda, she founded Sol Fly Productions. Recent productions include Wilhelm Reich in Hell (Ringmaster), April's Fool (Director), and Ugly Maria (Director, Demon). For Hyde Park Theatre, she served as Assistant Director for Quake, and stage managed for Perdita. She also helped out as stage manager and consulting director for multiple touring shows in Austin. Before moving here, she attended AMDA in New York City, was the Assistant Light Designer and general panic button for Three Feet Deep. She is proud to announce that in January of 2006 her name will be changing to Josie Tucker.

Adam Sorenson (Artistic Director - Act Two) has degrees in Graphic Design and Art Education. Currently he is a coordinator for the Austin Parks and Recreation Department TCTA program and teaches Art to Austin's youth at the Dougherty Arts Center.

Angela Paratore (Artistic Director - Act Three; Executioner) more often known as Bean, has been on the stage since she was a little girl. She took a hiatus for puberty, getting back to the stage in high school. She once again laid it down to party her way through a couple of years of college, but now participates in as many theater productions as her schedule allows. When she first moved to Austin she participated in The Bridge, a dance performance choreographed by Margery Segal and performed with 99 other women on the Congress Avenue Bridge with Mary J, our sound guy's fiancee. Last year she was in Wilhelm Reich in Hell, a Sol Fly production, and now enjoys being a part of the Coda Theater Project. Bean is an artist of many sorts, and enjoys chocolate, writing, painting, stilt-walking, fire and the Sea King.

Douglas Powell (Set Design). Ondine is his first direct involvement with the theater. He was born and raised in and around Dallas and moved to Austin in 1997 to pursue his deam in life—architecture. He graduated in 2002 with a BA in Architecture from the magnificent University of Texas at Austin. In his spare time (what's that?) he enjoys music, beer, and women (well, one woman) and the occasional game of "Name That Stain." Doug currently has the privilege of working with Girard Kinney at Kinney & Associates architects and plans on achieving world domination or world peace in the not-too-distant future, whichever comes first.

David Higgins (Light Design) is making his first attempt at designing lights of any kind. This is his first time working with Coda, and he appreciates the opportunity to play with this rowdy bunch. He works frequently with Zachary Scott Theater and is a long-time member of the sketch-comedy group Think Tank. He sends his love to his family, the Tank, and Kristin.

Christian Williams (Light Design) has worked tech for several different theater companies, including Dallas Theater Center, Undermain Theater, and Zachary Scott Theater. He recently worked on MTV's Real World: Austin. He was lured into this particular position with beer and promise of boobies. This is his first production with Coda. He likes shiny things.

Eric Virkkala (Fight Choreography) is a recent transplant to Austin and he is happy to be working on his first show with Coda. As a child Eric got beaten up a lot, so as an adult he learned how to create and stage fake violence. He still gets beaten up a lot, but now he can say is was pretend and no one will be the wiser.

Lela T. Navarro (Costume Design; Panic Button) [BIOGRAPHY UNAVAILABLE].

Christopher Broussard (Hair Design) has been doing hair for 17 years in and around Austin. Currently he can be reached through the Human Touch Salon in Westlake. Fifteen years of his tenure has been as a color specialist. He is delighted to be given the wonderful opportunity to work on Ondine and hopes you enjoy the show.

Daniel Brock (Photography) is a third-generation photographer. His first experience with photography was on the other side of the lens, a poster child for the March of Dimes, and it was the Shriners who gave him his first camera at the age of nine. As someone with Cerebral Palsy, Daniel has acquired a unique perspective on the essentials of life and art. His clarity of vision and attention to detail enable him to create striking images that are bold yet subtle. Thus, when he set up his studio under the name Twin Lens Photography, it was with a desire to explore new ways to communicate the nuances of form, color texture, and expression while championing a cleaner, more stripped down approach to the craft of image making.


Eric Burke (Stage Manager) serves on the Coda Theater Project Board of Directors and has no desire to have a bio in the program. Eric has worked the box office on several productions, including Wilhelm Reich in Hell for Sol Fly Productions and Panty Raid, Sonata Blue, and Ugly Maria (for which he also served as Stage Manager) for Coda Theater Project, demonstrating that Eric is both highly organized and good at counting. Coda would like to thank Eric for his superior handiness.

Garreth Wilcock (Sound Board Operator) likes cashew nuts and is imported from England, but doesn't like beer. Garreth worked both sound and lights for the infamous production of Wilhelm Reich in Hell with Sol Fly Productions. He made a giant elepant that pooped tacos, for which we all are proud of him. He likes Mary, who is a lovely American woman.

Mark Farias (Light Board Operator) has been a technician and modest actor in community theater for ten years. His continuing efforts in theater tend now towards writing, having written two plays that have been produced. Hopefully this will go better than his previous failed career choices and disastrous attempts at formal education. "P.S. I'm looking for a job, so if you got something, get word to me."


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