by Jean Giraudoux


Kate Meehan (Princess Berta; Costume Design) moved to Austin from Chicago where she worked with Steppenwolf, Bailiwick Repertory Theatre, The Playground, Improv Olympic, and Second City. In town she has worked in a myriad of capacities with the State Theatre, Zachary Scott Theater's Project Interact, Onstage, Tongue and Groove, Sol Fly Productions, A Chick and a Dude, and the Austin Commedia Society for whom she served as Managing and Development Director. Favorite productions include The Family Jewels: A Tragedy, The Illusion, and Anticipating Miles. She is an active playwright and she frequently teaches mask work, improvisation, Commedia dell'Arte, and stage movement to many different sizes of people. She would like everyone to know that she believes in the healing power of puppies.

Edwin Reck (Hans de Seville, Knight) is making his first appearance on Austin stages. Some of his Florida credits include the title role in Dracula, Morris Townsend in The Heiress, Bill Ray in On Golden Pond, Krojack in Don't Drink the Water, and the Duke in Man of La Mancha among others. He would like to thank Josie and Rick for the role of a lifetime, Eric for his expertise in sexy stage combat, Zac for his help during rehearsals, Ashley for being so adorable and Kate for licking his face at the photo shoot and for script work. He dedicates his performance to his family and his love, Marcy.

Ashley Moore (Ondine) is proud to be a part of the magic of Ondine. It is her second time to play with the family of Coda Actor-Bots. Ashley was seen as a head on the wall in the cinematic adventure known as Sin City, and is in Douglas McGrath's upcoming untitled feature. Find her on imdb.com or acclaimtalent.com. There are some things Ashley likes and others she does not. Ask her or ask her mom, Betsy. She' only a few rows away. She would like to thank the cast and Eric Burke (especially) plus Tom. And the amazing Mario. She points to the sky saying "The sun is not yellow. It's chicken."

Andrea Broussard (Fire) makes her acting debut as the element of Fire in Ondine. In June of 2005, she appeared in Whispers of Heaven, an aerial dance piece by choreographer Sally Jacques. In addition to tending her budding performance career, Andrea integrates massagea and bodywork with energy and breath work. It is her vision to create a life that fulfills her purpose and potential as a human being and to facilitate others in doing so.

Hallie Martin (Wind) is a native Austinite with a background in dance, theatre, and film. After studying classical ballet for many years, she then spent 9 years performing hula and other Polynesian dances. Her recent film work includes roles in Gary Chason's Everything or Nothing (Gretchen) and a principal role in the emerging Austin-based soap opera, Shades of Life. She will begin shooting a co-starring role later this year in John McLean's spectacle of horror and high camp, Z: A Zombie Musical. Ondine marks Hallie's debut performance with The Coda Theater Project.

Dr. David Robinson (Auguste) has pursued the performing arts in Austin for more than fifteen years, having begun the journey by winning free dance lessons with Darla Johnson in a raffle. Since then he has performed with the aforementioned Ms. Johnson, Andrew Long, Pina Bausche, C.K. McFarland, Andrea Ariel, Ampara Garcia-Crow, Allison Orr, Margery Segal, Carol Lewis, Peggy Lamb and others. He comes to Coda by way of the Austin Commedia Society, where he portrayed the ancient, traditional yet still funny Pantalone in The Family Jewels: A Tragedy and Zombies! The Musical. He also appeared in Sol Fly Productions' Wilhelm Reich in Hell. Currently he is plotting a lulu of a dance piece for 10 Minutes Max later this summer.

Pidge Smith (Eugenie; Costume Design) is a native Austinite. She is proud and excited to be making her debut with Coda Theater Project. She has been acting for 31 years primarily in theatre. She has many years of experience in New York City, touring the Tri-State area, Austin, and the Texas Hill Country. Thank all of you for coming to the show. Hope you enjoy.

Bob Eells AKA !Bob (Sea King) has been acting up since he was a wee child. He was raised in Georgia, but has become rather attached to Texas and plans to stay. Bob's recent performances in Austin include April's Fool (Frank) and Wilhelm Reich in Hell (several roles). Bob also tends to play with computers, fire, and things that go boom. He'd like to thank you, yes you, for bothering to read all of these silly bios.

Rick Tucker (Prince Bertram; Assistant Director; Sound Design) is a first time actor who doesn't really know what he's doing. It's his first attempt at this line of work, so throw tomatoes gently. Rick has been a techno DJ for almost 8 years and comes from a little village called Houston. He is about to marry one of this planet's finest creatures and would like to thank her and all of Coda for the opportunities they have provided.

Mikki Singh (Angelique) was born in India, raised in Africa, educated in England, and is living in Texas. As you can imagine, dinner table banter can be quite interesting. A software engineer by day but always an adventurer, Mikki's latest venture onto the stage is just one of her desires to explore her inherent creativity. By the way, Kumquats are a small orange like fruit grown in Africa and China, exotic, unique and sweet. That's Mikki.

Nancy Valdez (Diane) was born and raised in Texas. She started acting in high school plays and later worked as an extra in The Rookie, The Alamo, and local low-budget film projects. Recently, Nancy starred in Coda's Ugly Maria. She currently has big plans of conquering the Austin film and theater industry.

Angela Flores (Violante) is undercover portraying a columnist, mother of two boys and wife to a rock-n-roll star. She has been chosen for a mission that only she can accomplish in which she may face grave dangers of life and death or even worse—bodily harm. She must assume a new identity, a sexy, self-centered, rich bitch by the name of Violante. She must undergo a series of challenges to discover and learn what is an Ondine. For the sake of all mankind, may she be successful.

Alex Pippard (Lord Chamberlain; Second Outer World Judge) was recently seen in Coda's Ugly Maria. An acting junkie since a young age, favorite roles include Wise Man #1 (his first), Bud Frump (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying), Dad (W.A.S.P.), Tom (The Glass Menagerie), and Flavio (The Family Jewels: A Tragedy). He was nominated for Best Villain at the 1997 New York B-Movie Film Festival for his work in Ice Scream, which is possibly the worst film ever made. "It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not."—Anon.

Ben Haskin (Superintendent of the Royal Theaters; First Outer World Judge) is twenty-six years old and is pleased to be making his stage debut with the Coda Theater Project. Ben is not actually an actor. He would like to thank Ashley for encouraging him to audition, everyone at Coda for giving him this opportunity, and his cat Nacho, who instructs him in the ways of the force.

Cris Skelton (Walter) is originally from a modest little town called Houston and educated at the prestigious drinking establishment known as Texas State University. This is his Coda Theater Project debut and he hopes to stick around for awhile. Past productions include Balm in Gilead (Dopey) and Waiting for Lefty (Irv) for the Back Porch Players in Houston. Later this summer, he can be seen in a production of The Rivals for the Colonial Theatre Company in San Marcos. Cris would like to thank his amazing girlfriend for seeing him through all these rough times and never hesitating to kiss the bruises, his parents for supporting and believing in him, and his sister Laine for being the cool one.

Zac Crofford (King; Rehearsal Manager) has been having all kinds of fun working with Coda this year. Between wrangling actors and wrangling designers for this show, he has managed to perfect the amazing seated acting method he bagan developing in Ugly Maria. Be on the lookout for his hot new book, "An Actor Prepares (to sit)". Sendentary skills aside, Zac has been in a number of fine (and otherwise) shows and films around Austin and would prefer to be in many more. Call him up, he's got the time.

Megan Tucker (Kitchen Maid) is a twenty-two year old newlywed making her debut with the Coda Theater Project. She is originally from El Paso where she was seen in the annual Shakespeare on the Rocks productions before moving to Austin in 2002.

Dimitri Hammond (First Fisherman) is a math teacher gone wrong who has dabbled in acting from musicals to cartoon voice-overs to burlesque. His antiquated accordian playing has horrified audiences around the globe and his absolute lack of fishing skill had nothing to do with his being cast for this awesome production. He wants you to know that he and his according are rentable.


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