"The End of Words:
An Evening with Eugène Ionesco"


Eric Virkkala (Director, Jack, or The Submission) Eric started acting at the age of 10. At the age of 16 he started directing and discovered it was more fun to boss people around. At 25 he graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a degree in directing. Since then he has directed in Chicago, Los Angeles and finally, now Austin. Eric would like to thank the person in the 8th seat from the left, in the middle aisle for attending the show. This one’s for you!

Zac Crofford (Director & Set Designer, The Bald Soprano) moved to Austin in 2002 after wrestling a theatre degree from Case Western Reserve University in the icy northern wastes of Cleveland, Ohio. He has worked with a number of excellent groups, including the Great Lakes Theatre Festival, Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, Tulsa Theatre Company, and her in Austin: the Vortex Theatre, Iron Belly Muses, and of course, Coda. Long story short, Zac is thrilled to be given a hand in the maturation of Coda as a company and Austin theatre as a community—all while getting to play with a bunch of cool kids.

Rocky Hopson (Director, The Chairs) was made in Wyoming, and has nearly 20 years of theatre experience. He has directed plays in Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Florida, and Texas. In 2005 he had the honor of directing an original play at the Kennedy Center in D.C. He co-created and directed La Putain avec les Fleurs: a junk melodrama, nominated for two B. Iden Payne awards. His next project is The Hurricane Party for FronteraFest in January. He’d like to thank The Coda Project for the opportunity to direct this play.

Matt Ervin (Dramaturg; Set Designer, Jack, or The Submission & The Chairs), a Central Texas native, was born at Fort Hood to parents from South–Central Illinois. He pursued undergraduate and graduate coursework simultaneously at Southern Methodist University—yes, he was there for more than the standard four. He studied Performance Studies with Gretchen Smith, Elizabeth drama with the late “Twinkie” Lawhon, Chaucer and Malory with the inimitable Bonnie Wheeler and everything in between with the brilliant Jeremy du Quesnay Adams and John Lewis. These days (in addition to fulfilling the role of Dramaturg for Coda, of Assistant Director for our productions of The House of Yes and the premiere of 9 x 9 x 9, and of President of our Board of Directors) he works in the Classics Department at UT. As a parting thought, some advice: talking about oneself is, at best, ill-advised.


Sandy Westman (Stage Manager, Jack, or The Submission), a long time resident of Austin since 1974, comes to us with no theater experience, but with lots of desire to learn the theatrical process from the first read to opening night. Sandy has been a songwriter for many years, but would like to try her artistic flavor on something different. She is very appreciative of Coda for providing the opportunity for her to pursue her new passion for theater.

Andrew Faulkner, Ph.D. (Stage Manager, The Bald Soprano) was born in Canada, and has lived in Scotland, England, France, Greece, the Netherlands and South Bend, Indiana, before moving this year to Austin. He has recently directed productions in Canada and in South Bend. His interest in theatre originally arose through the study of ancient Greek and Roman drama, but has continued to grow to encompass all aspects of the modern stage.


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